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Web-based personal health record

Securely access your health information on the go

Supports the federal Blue Button® initiative

Fully customizable and user-friendly interface

Take control of your health.

About MyHealthProfile

MyHealthProfile, a Patient Portal Design Challenge award-winner, is a web-based, ongoing personal health record for medical appointments, diagnoses, prescriptions, recommendations, and any other data useful for tracking one’s medical history. Patients can securely access their health information from any device at any time. With MyHealthProfile, patients’ records are always available to their doctors without requesting records each time they see a new doctor or specialist. With its user-friendly and intuitive design, MyHealthProfile can be used by anyone, regardless of health literacy or technical skill.

Health Dashboard

Patients can check out their general health information at a glance with the fully customizable Health Dashboard. The Health Dashboard allows patients to set their own goals, view current medications, track key lab values over time, and more.

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Care Information

View a comprehensive summary of critical medical information and history with just one click.

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Blue Button®

MyHealthProfile is compatible with the Blue Button implementation and allows patients to easily download their health information in multiple formats.

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MyHealthProfile has a variety of other useful features such as messaging, temporary emergency cards, and the option to download patient data.

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